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How To Do The PSY Gentleman Dance

How To Do The PSY Gentleman Dance

PSY's brand new song Gentleman is out, and it comes with a brand new dance routine! In this tutorial the London K Pop Dance School take you through all the moves from start to finish.

Step 1: Thoughtful Hip Swings

The first move in the chorus is to put your legs out slightly widen than your hips, bend down a little bit, and have you arms in a thoughtful position so your left arm is over your chest and you right arm is by your chin. While in this position, swing your hips from side to side for a count of twelve.

Step 2: Raise Your Arms

After the twelve counts of the first move, raise your arms up in the air and rub your fingers together and continue to swing your hips for another four counts.

Step 3: Swing Your Head

Next you're going to fold your arms and swing your head anti-clockwise while still swinging your hips. Swing to the left hand side first for four counts. After that, you're going to swing your hips again but you're going to swing to the front, swing to the side, swing to the back, and swing to the other side, until you're back at the front again.

Step 4: Pony Gallop

Next you are going to pony gallop to the right hand side with your arms going to the left hand side, then do the same thing going to the left hand side. Finish with your right hand on your hip and thrust four times.

Step 5: Back To Where You Started

On the fourth count of the thrusts your left leg extends to the left hand side, your arms goes in a circular motion behind your head, then you bring your left leg behind your right, your arms come down and back to their original position.