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How To Do The Revealed Card Trick

How To Do The Revealed Card Trick

Illusionist Nick Reade works some magic and shows us how it's done. The revealed card trick is another classic magic trick to test on friends and family.

Step 1: You will need

  • a deck of cards a willing participant and some va va voom

Step 2: The trick

Hand the deck to your participant. Tell her to relax and think of a number between 1 & 13. She's thinking of a 5. Now get them to deal that number of cards face down onto the table and look at the last card they deal before placing that down as well, in this case the King of Hearts. Now ask them to pile the cards on top of the deck. Tell them to cut the deck . Continue with the trick by going through the deck and drawing out two cards and placing these face down on the table. Now ask your participant to select a card from the two on the table. Turn over the card they pick to reveal the number they originally thought of. Turn over the top card to reveal that it is their chosen card. That's why this trick's called the revealed card. Get it now? Good.

Step 3: How it's done

Before you start the trick, remember the top and bottom cards on the deck. Here it's the Ace of Spades and the Ace of Clubs. Hand the deck to your participant. When they count out the cards, they are unwittingly setting up the trick. Allow them do this. When they replace the cards onto the top and cut the deck, everything is in place. Now look through the deck and find the key cards. The number of cards between the key cards plus 1 is the number they originally thought of. The card next to the first key card is the chosen card. Slip the chosen card on top of the deck. Deal out two cards which both have the value of the number of cards she dealt. In this case, it's the 5 because she dealt down 5 cards at the start. Slip the chosen card to the top of the deck while she's misdirected. Ask her to select one of the face down cards, discard the other, and turn over her selection.

Magically it's the number she was thinking of all along. Now turn over the top card on the deck to reveal it's her chosen card. It couldn't be more simple.