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How To Do The Splits For Guys

How To Do The Splits For Guys

Attempting to do splits can become a painful experience without learning the right techniques. This VideoJug film gives you step-by-step instructions on doing it right without any accidents!

Now, we are going to go through how to do the splits for men, which is to say, is a little bit more slowly than most of the girls. If you are not someone who is naturally flexible, don't think that you can't get there. You can, it just takes time.

Like, you know, if you wanted to run the hundred meters, you wouldn't expect to win the race by just turning up and doing it. You probably train for a long time to do it. And it's exactly the same.

You have to train your muscles, and you train your muscle memory to teach the body what to do. The first thing you want to do is not try and jump straight down into the splits. I am going to take you through some basic warm-ups to do before you attempt to do it and then some other basic exercises that you can do in the house just to sort of loosen up your muscles.

So, warming up, all parts of the leg first and stretch this legs out. Maybe do that for ten seconds, then do it the other side. Okay, then, get back to the other side, bend that knee down, come up, take that foot off the ground, so bring the hand around, hold it in and it is going to stretch the front of the leg here.

Then we do it to the other side. Do that again for about ten seconds. Come up, come down and I am ready to sink both these feet into ground.

And try to imagine your head trying to touch the floor. It's not going to happen. However, all you will feel is the back of that leg working.

Then, you do it to the other side. Really try to touch that head to touch the floor. You should really feel it working.

This is the important part. This is how you gradually release the stretch. So, your leg is on the ground to support the weight and you push your back leg out so that your toe is pointed out and your front leg, you are on your heel.

And what you can do is you can go down, use your hands to support your weight, breathe in and then breathe out and go a little bit deeper. Now, the important part here is the breathing. You breathe in, and then the breathing out, you go down.

Because if you breathe in and go down, your brain tells your muscles to tense and you won't be able to stretch out, and that is why you get a lot of pain and you just won't go anywhere. And some of you won't get down this far, but you breathe in, breathe out and eventually, we are going to be down there, okay. And that's how we split. .