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How To Do Vipassana Meditation

How To Do Vipassana Meditation

Have you wondered what this meditation is and what its benefits could be? In this video, Sunita Passi explains what Vipassana meditation is and what the advantages are to taking up its practice.

Hi, my name is Sunita Passi and I'm from a company called Tri-dosha. We're specialists in training in Ayurvedic therapy and also meditation and we supply products and treatments to some luxury spas around the world. There are many ways to meditate and I'm here today to talk to you about a few of the different meditation techniques you can bring into your life in order to feel happier and healthier.

Vipassana meditation is a traditional Indian technique of meditation, it has been practiced in India for thousands and thousands of years. Some say 2,500 ago, it originated, others say it originated further back than that. What we do know is that it's incredibly ancient and it's been used over periods of time in order to bring health and happiness to the mind, body and soul.

Many often refer to Vipassana meditation as an art of living and it's something that people who do bring this type of meditation into their lives find that it actually becomes part of their everyday practice. Vipassana meditation actually needs to be learned on a ten day retreat, so you would need to seek out professional teachers of this type of meditation. It also involves a number of days of silence, whereby your own awareness of self knowledge is heightened which allows you to start to see things with a lot more clarity and it's this experience that fans of the practice say enables you to really bring the technique into your life.

There are many benefits to this type of meditation. Again, fans of the practice say that it allows them to be a lot more accepting of things that happen to them in life, it reduces stress, it increases creativity, it increases all around self awareness. There are numerous centers teaching Vipassana meditation in Indian and around the world and the best way to find the one that's most suitable for you is to look for recommendations.

I hope you've enjoyed listening to me speak about Vipassana meditation and I look forward to telling you about other meditation techniques. .