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How To Do Wedding Flower Arrangements

How To Do Wedding Flower Arrangements

If you are planning to make grand flower arrangements for an upcoming wedding, then you can watch this video and make use of the tips given to make a great flower display.

Hi, my name is Alexandra Lyons. I am a master florist and I create floral displays for celebrity homes, events, weddings and special occasions. I am going to share some tips with you on flower arrangements.

I am going to show you how to do a wedding flower arrangement. This will be placed on tables when people are dining. Get a nice shallow dish, this one is a mirrored one which is quite effective.

I filled it with soaped floral foam and water. Underneath the hydrangea, you can see there are those little branches. I am going to cut off each one and place it around the edge of the dish into the oasis.

One hydrangea goes a long way to this. There you go and we're going to place some roses in the center. Cut them with a knife or scissors and at slant.

You can take up the withered petals if you wish. These are the petals that protect the flower while it's been in bud. I like to leave them on, I find them a little bit interesting but not everybody does.

And just place just slightly above the hydrangeas. If you are handling the rose at the top, hold it at the base and squeeze and pull it out like that rather than pulling on the petals. Neatly done, this one's got a few damaged petals on.

I think I will need one more rose in there. That's a nice one, there you go. And then, I am going to add some pearls around the edge, lots of brides like pearls.

Just place those around, hide them if you wish, and this, the theme of the wedding, pearls and thick roses. That would tie really nicely. Also, you can place some crystals in the center.

Brides also like crystals quite often, it would reflect their dress. I think I will do one in every one. Okay and this is how you make wedding flower arrangements. .