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How To Do Witch Face Painting

How To Do Witch Face Painting

This video explains the step-by-step procedure to do witch face painting, for those who likes the look for Halloween. The process involves massaging light green color dipped sponge on the face and then applying dark green shades, and finally black to make some area look deeper and stand out. This is a unique choice for those who dislike masks, which may inhibit breathing. Simply witch face painting is a unique, completely reversible process.

Hello, my name is Kat Sinclair, a professional face painter. I have been painting for eight years. I am going to show you some tricks and techniques for doing face painting.

I am going to show you how to do a witch face painting. A little white sponge in light green and let us apply on the face, done the light colors first, and now going to use the darker green. Please close your eyes, and squeeze in the sponge, apply on the eyes so you see, eyes may look bit deeper and then diminish on the cheeks.

Applying on the cheeks now, next on the other side and then on the sides of eyes. This makes the face look bit thinner and then keeping hold to that sponge you can add in smooth thin flaws and even black on the brows. You can use the green sponge to blend.

Please close your eyes, and now, makes the eyes appeal deeper and she seems so quiet, and long noses and long chins. So we need to make the nose stand out, so we draw a line around the nose like that, makes the nose looking going right back up to that. Then keep applying the nose shorter, so it looks very long and use on the other side, and then chin needs to look a bit longer.

Draw two lines here and which is ought to be ugly. So it's going to be covered in lines in that coming out of the eyes. Please use your imagination, see the lines to come out of the eyes, we have to present to other people.

And put lines across the forehead and side of face as well. More dark is ought to be uglier, look at how one on the nose, and your face came out looking like this. Now, that is to do with witch face painting. .