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How To Do Wool Carpet Cleaning

How To Do Wool Carpet Cleaning

Wool carpet cleaning is a real hassle when you don't know how to remove the stains. Learn how to clean your wool carpet with Tracy, the cleaning fairy.

In this video, I am going to show you how to do wool carpet cleaning. First, you need your vacuum cleaner. Make sure you use it on the high flume, because this one is used for hard floors or carpets that are quite low.

These are good for your wool carpets because it is nice and thick. Make sure you have it on that level. Turn your vacuum cleaner on and really press it against your carpet.

Move it up and down and really get into wool like that. Drag it back and forth with even strength. Make sure you overlap to get a full coverage.

Okay. Like that. Oh, there is a stain.

I am going to show you - if you've got a stain on your carpet - how to remove this. You can use a carpet spray. But my best method of removing marks on your carpet is vinegar and water.

It is just a natural ingredient and not a chemical. What you need to do is spray on your mark like this and spray over your mark, then with your cloth, gently rub but make sure you go out and in like this. Remove all your marks and stains like this.

You can leave it up to five minutes if the mark or stain is a bit stubborn. Then, get your paper towel, fold it, put it gently over the mark, and using a spoon, you can gently, firmly dry it up. And as you can see, all the dirt, and the damp from vinegar and water are in your paper towel.

And that is how you do wool carpet cleaning. .