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How To Do Your Hair Like Selena Gomez

How To Do Your Hair Like Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has a lot of hairstyles but one particular hairstyle is working with a side plait with a fringe that gives you that really sleek look.

Hi. I'm Tina Farey, Editorial Director for the Rush Education Group. What I'll be demonstrating for you today is some editorial hair-ups.

What I'm going to be demonstrating for you is quite a popular look by Selena Gomez. She generally tends really to wear her hair quite tussled but generally at the moment, she's been caught wearing these very low side partings, quite boho. So again, it helps to prepare the hair first.

What I've done is I've worked in a little bit of zigzag parting in there. I think the key to this look is not having two sets, so again working quite far into the front. Again, working a little bit back, combing through there just to give it a little bit of height through the crown area.

Again, what we don't want to do is backcomb that, you know, too much but just a little bit of teasing just on the root just to encourage that little bit of cushion through the back area there. So again making sure that comes back so it gives it that nice little bit of height through the back area. Again, working through the sides again, just working very very light backcombing.

Again, the key to this is a good foundation so again, the hair's been prepared with blow-drying to begin with, to give it a little more poignant to be noticed. Again using a little bit of the volume active spray, just lightly through there, just to kind of you know, hold back in place. Again, working through on the other side.

Again, working with very gentle backcombing. Again, we're backcombing from underneath, allows the top section to stay quite smooth. So it's a lot easy to get that more smooth feel if you're working from underneath with the backcomb technique.

Then, working through the fringe area, then again, working almost like sort of almost vertical sections to bringing that round. Because really, we want her head to sort of sweep that way so again keeping that nice and sleek through that one area and again, little bit spray through there. What we really want to get with this look is that sort of nice sweeping feel through.

And again, dressing that hair slightly back. Then what we're going to do is grab hold of the hair through the back area and again, very very gently, we're going to divide this hair into three sections. So I'm working with a very very simple plait technique.

I'm going to work that through. Again, what works with this particular style is the fact that it's quite chunky and little ends coming out is actually okay because it adds sort of to the character of the hair. And it doesn't look too kind of set looking.

Then, secure it up with an elastic band. Then again, through added drama, we can pull up some of these little areas just kind of give the plait little more, you know, sort of fatter shape. Again, spray that to keep the hair in.

Okay so, really just spraying that through, just to hold that really nice and sweet looking fringe over. And again, it's very very simple to do at home. There you have your Selena Gomez. .