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How To Do Your Make Up Like Kate Middleton

How To Do Your Make Up Like Kate Middleton

Would you like to look like Kate Middleton? Who wouldn't! Here's the expert, step-by-step guide to doing your make-up like William's bride.

Now, I’m going to show you how to do your makeup like Kate Middleton, a very gorgeous amazing peachy skin and with just really nice definition around the eyes, just really very natural but glossy and very princess-y.

So, what I’ve done to start with is all about a really nice glowing skin. So, I’ve used a really nice hydrating moisturizer and then added a little bit of illuminator just to give it a nice sheen to the skin, and then I’ve just prepped the skin with a little bit of foundation over the top of that, keeping it quite a warm tone just to get that nice creaminess and peachiness.

And I’ve just neutralized the eyes with a little paint pop by Mac actually and that just gets any sort of redness, any tiredness. You can use it on its own or it really helps to make eye shadows stay better as well. So, we just want to add a tiny bit of concealer under the eyes. We just want it to be really nice and bright, and we don’t need to use too much. Put just right in the corners and just blending down into the darkest point of the eye, just dab that on and you can just dab with your fingers just to blend that and just smooth that along

We just want to go for a really gorgeous skin, really bright and fresh. Now, I’m just going to add like a really peachy cheek. We want it to look quite glowy still, so I’m going to dab a little bit of a cream blush and that just gives that real dewiness to the skin. I find that the best way is if you just smile for me and just go for the apples of the cheeks and just blend that up like you would if you were applying a normal blusher but just working that all the way around and just blending that until all the colours disappear, until the edges are blended, and that just gives that really nice dewy peachy effect.

. If you’ve got slightly oily skin, you can still do this but what we can also do is just add a little bit of powder just to set that and that’s just, again, so your lovely peach is a colour that’s very natural-looking, and just blend that. I’m just using a slightly smaller brush in circular motions working my way up.

Okay, so now, to the eyes and I’m going to put a little neutral base around here. I’m just going to work both the eyebrows so we have gorgeous full eyebrows. So if you’ve got a nice shape already, then what we’ll just do is get an eyebrow pencil and we just want to fill in any little gaps to just really define that eye and just really give it a nice shape. Just do it in a little sort of feathery strokes. You don’t have to go too much but just make sure that any little gaps there are filled in and just make sure that the line comes down.

And now, we’re just going to line the eyes, so we’ve just got this really nice liner all the way around the eyes, so just a little flicking motion and if you just use flicking motions all the way round the eye, it’s just quite a thick line and we just work that upwards. I think most of the time she wears a sort of black eyeliner to define, I think, with that royal blue dress with the blue liner as well.

You can always make it a bit darker and put a bit of blue over the top and if you just look up, quite a thick line underneath. You can just coat that with a little bit of mascara to define the lashes a bit more. We’re just going to clean that up.

Okay, so with eye pencil, it can be a little bit smudgy, so if you make a mistake , you can just use a sort of what I’ve got, a water cleanser just on a cotton bud and just gently dab over the area and you’ll see that it will slowly disappear. If you just dab it in the area, it will disappear. Clean up so you don’t have to do the whole thing again. If you prefer a softer line, this is also a really good way of just blending the line down a little bit. And that’s how you get a Kate Middleton makeup look.