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How To Do Zombie Makeup

How To Do Zombie Makeup

Face painter Juliet Eve from Facade Academy (www.facadeacademy.co.uk) shows you a simple way to apply zombie make-up. It will be a popular choice for Hallowe'en.

Today, what I'm going to do is to show you how to do a zombie makeup. This will be very popular at Halloween time, I'm sure, with all the boys. I've got Charley here today who is willing to be a zombie and be attacked, aren't you? So, what I do, the main is put basically a white base down, but make it pretty mucky, add a few other colors just for bit of the effect because they are meant to be dead after all.

Shading on the eyes, a few scars and scratches, and some blood, of course - essential. We get it on quickly as possible. The thing when you're putting bases on if you have to blend, keep it blending while it's still a bit dump, if you wait till it's dry, then you end up lifting the color off rather than applying it.

Now, I got little bit of shading, I'm going to put a bit of a yellow, bit of a green, all on the same sponge, and see what happens, really. It's quite fun, just add a bit of weird colors around and about, so close your eyes, nice and gently - that's perfect. So I just want to blend it really softly around the eyes, the gray there, so it hollows out the eyes a bit, make them sunken, around his mouth a bit, I'm going to accentuate that a bit later.

To make him look a bit horrid, we do the fierce monster lines which will come in a lot, so from the corner of the eye, kind of up and out, smudge it a bit, close your eyes gently, well done, smudge that a bit and then the other one, something like that. I use my fingers to smudge, it can be very correct to use your brush always, but these are children we are talking about here. Smudge is very precious, it's a bit of fun, add it under the eye there, you can smudge that through.

To get some of that look of scratches, I use a steeple sponge. You can buy them black or actually, this is fish tank, quite clever, a filter, I think, for fish tanks, so that's what it is. So you can actually just make it kind of dragging it over, it looks a bit like a scratch.

Now, we have the blood, so we got a bit coming out of the nose, of course, poor Charley. So that's how to do a zombie makeup. .