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How To Double Crochet

How To Double Crochet

Learn how to make the UK version of a double crochet stitch with this video tutorial by Catherine Hirst of Contemporary Crafts. This tutorial provides clear instructions on creating the double crochet stitch and will allow you to quickly master this stitch for professional looking results!

The double crochet is the shortest stitch in crochet and I'm going to show you how to make a double crochet. So, this is the base of our crochet and what we're going to do is crochet back into those stitches. We're going to start with the double crochet, that's UK double crochet.

UK and US stitch terms are different, so if you're looking for the US double crochet, that will be the UK treble crochet, which we'll be doing later on in the video. So we begin by skipping the first chain, the one that's closest to the loop on the hook, we're going to ignore that one, and then I'm going to take my hook and take the top part of my hook and push it from front to back, into the second chain in the hook, into the second chain in the line. I'm then going to, again, bring my hook underneath my yarn, wrap it round the hook, I'm pulling through just the chain, just the first bit, so that I still have two loops on the hook.

And then again, I'm going to push my hook forward, wrap it under the yarn, and I'm going to pull through the two remaining loops on the hook; that's a double crochet. Let's do it again. So, to know which the next chain is, you're going to look for the one that has the hole in it.

The chain that you've just crocheted into has a fairly sizable hole in it, so you know that's the one you've just crocheted into, so you're going to ignore that one and go on to the next chain in the row. So inserting into the chain, wrap the yarn around the hook, pull back through the chain, so you've got two on the hook, and then yarn over and pull through the two remaining loops. Again, double crochet, in, yarn over, pull back through, just the chain, so you have two on the hook, and then yarn over and pull through both.

That's the double crochet stitch and I'm going to carry on doing that across the row. The double crochet is used for anything that you want to have a fairly tight, dense, stitch texture. It's pretty close together; it's a rigid, small, square stitch, about as wide as it is tall, works very well for things that you want to be quite dense,and not open and drape-y, so for things like pot holders or mittens, or a hat that you want to be very warm.

So we've crocheted all across to the end, we're to our last chain, so we're going to insert into the last chain, and we've made a line of double crochet stitches. And that's how to make the double crochet stitch. .