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How To Dowel A Cake

How To Dowel A Cake

Forgot to order that cake for grandma's 80th birthday? No worries. Learn to create professional-looking cakes that will impress both family and friends with this simple instructional video on how to dowel a cake.


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Step 1: You will need

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So, in this video, I'm going to show you how to dowel a cake. What you need to dowel a cake is, ideally, a cake top marking template just so you can mark where the dowels need to go, and you also need the dowels. I prefer to use hollow dowels, because they're a bit sturdier.

And then a cake leveller, so you can check the cake's level before you stack it up. First of all, you need to mark on top the points where your dowels are going to go. So, we're just going to have three dowels in this cake, because it's only a small cake going on top.

What you next need to do is just find which part of the cake is the highest point, and you just have to get down at eye level and just have a look. Ideally, your cake should be flat, but just in case there is a part that's a little bit higher, you need to put your dowel into the higher parts. And I'm putting my dowel slightly inside of the dots because the cake on top is only four inches.

And when you push the dowel in, just make sure it goes straight down and doesn't go off to an angle. And then again, you need to sort of get down at eye level and see where the top of the cake meets the dowel and just mark it with an edible pen and then pull the dowel out. And then, you cut the dowel where the mark is.

And for this, I am just using a bread knife or serrated knife and then just pop it back into the cake, straight away, just to see if it is the right height. And it should be flush with the top of the cake, which it is, and take it out again, and then use that to measure your next two dowels. So, before I measure the next dowel, I just check that it is going straight up and not off to an angle.

I just trim the bottom off. So, now I've cut all the dowels and checked that they're all level, and I can put them into the cake. When you pop them in, make sure again that they go straight down and don't go one side or the other.

And you'll see that some of them might stick up in parts more than the first one and that's just because the cake is just slightly lower in that area, which is better than having that the other way around where there is the lower dowel and then the dowel. If you started with this one, and cut your dowels at this height, then your dowel here would be inside the cake. So, when you stack the cake on top, this part here would go actually into the cake.

Just pop a cake on top. Press it down. Take the level, and what you want to do is check that it is the same angle as the bench.

Just check the bench or surface first, on both sides, and then this should be in the middle because the bench is quite level. So, that's how to dowel a cake. .