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How To Dowload Pokemon World Online

How To Dowload Pokemon World Online

This video teaches you how to download and register for a fun pokemon online game. Follow these simpe instructions and you will be apart of a massive multiplayer online pokemon game!

Hi, my name is Charles Scott and I'm an administrator at thepikaclub.co.uk.

I have been playing pokemon for over ten years and yes i have caught them all. OK, in this video we are going to teach you how to download pokemon world online, pokemon world online is a fan made mmo which is a massive multiplayer online game which is intended to replicate the pokemon games. Now, what a massive multiplayer online game is a game where every other person that you encounter is played by somebody else playing at the exactly same time somewhere in the world for all the other trainers that you're going to come across in the game are actually other people playing as well now since it is fan made it is not authorized by Nintendo which means they can actually get away with a few other differences from the main games as well like maybe introducing new pokemon that are not in normal games so if you want to download it you have to go to www.

pokemonworldonline.net. Once there you will see this screen so you want to put your mouse over the download button at which point this menu will pop up you then select the first option client going to that screen will tell you that if you're not registered you will need to register before downloading in which case you will need to click this one register now unfortunately when we tried this registration was not open due to technical difficulties they were hoping to have it up soon once at the client screen follow the instructions inorder to download the application then follow instructions on how to open and run it and soon you will be playing pokemon world online yourself.