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How To Download Audiobooks For Your Ipod If You Have A PC

How To Download Audiobooks For Your Ipod If You Have A PC

Downloading audiobooks for your iPod onto your PC has never been so easy. Watch this VideoJug guide and get audiobooks onto your PC.

Step 1: You Will Need

Ipod, Computer with iTunes and an account.

Step 2: Launch iTunes

Double-click on the iTunes icon on your desktop to launch iTunes.

Step 3: iTunes Store

Click on the iTunes store, then click the iPod Audiobooks link in the upper left side of the store window.

Choose the audiobook you want to hear, and follow the onscreen instructions to download it into your iTunes.

Step 4: Sync Up Your Audiobook

To get your new audiobook into your iPod and start listening, just plug your iPod into your computer using the USB connector cable or the dock connector.

Wait a few moments while your iPod syncs and transfers the your audiobook from your iTunes into your iPod.

When the sync is complete, disconnect your USB cable or take the iPod out of the dock.

Step 5: Listen To Your New Audiobook

If you aren't already on the Main Menu, keep pressing the Menu button until you are.