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How To Download Wallpaper To Your PC

How To Download Wallpaper To Your PC

Downloading wallpaper to your PC is no longer a mystery as VideoJug is here to show you how to get wallpaper from the internet onto your desktop.

Step 1: Know your screen size

Wallpaper is usually designed to fit a range of screen sizes. Downloading the right size helps avoid losing parts of the wallpaper because it is too big, or losing detail because you have to stretch the image to fit the screen. To find out your screen size, right click on an empty space on your desktop. Select properties, and then select the settings tab from the properties window. Your screen size will be shown in the bottom right hand side of the settings screen.

Step 2: Find an image you like

Wallpaper for your desktop can be any picture you like, whether it be images specifically designed for you to download, or an image you find on a webpage. If you are undecided and want some ideas, try one of the many free wallpaper sites online, such as www.pc-wallpapers.co.uk, where you can find anything from airplanes to starscapes.

Step 3: Download the image

Once you have decided on the wallpaper you want, click on the link for the correct image size for your screen. The image will open in a new window. Right click on the image, and choose 'set as background.' The wallpaper will appear on your desktop. If you are downloading a photo, you can directly right click on it and choose 'set as background', your computer will put the photo in the centre of your desktop screen. When you change your wallpaper, you lose the previous image from your computer. If you want to keep an image permanently, right-click on it and choose 'save picture as', and save to your My Pictures folder.

Step 4: Change your desktop

To switch between the wallpapers you have downloaded, right click on a space on your desktop, and click properties. Select the desktop tab. You will find a list of all the images saved onto your computer. Scroll through the list until you find the wallpaper you want, then click apply. You will see your wallpaper change.

Step 5: Resizing your wallpaper

If the image does not fit properly on the screen, you can try to tile, stretch or centre the image using the drop down menu on the bottom right of the desktop tab window. Tiling repeats the image over and over, until it fills your desktop. Centring your image will place it directly in the centre of your desktop. Stretching your image will make it fit your screen, but you may lose quality if the image needs too much stretching.