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How To Drain A Radiator

How To Drain A Radiator

Adrian demonstrates how to drain a radiator valve. He offers clear concise instructions on how to perform this simple repair at home.

The reason you need to drain a radiator down is normally if there's damage to the radiator which is leaking or to replace the radiator valves. So, now, I'm going to show you how to drain a radiator. Always put a dust sheet down before commencing any work in someone's house.

It is very, very important to protect the floor coverings from any works that you may be carrying out. Normally, you turn your valves off, then obviously you get yourself a bowl or a hose. If you can run the system down, you get a hose on.

Once your radiator's drained down, it's just a matter of undoing these two nuts here and pulling right to tear the valve off to be replaced. Once you've drained your radiator down and removed your old valve, fit your new valve and then it goes on there, and that's it. You're ready for your system.

Once you've fitted your valve and you refilled your system, you must lead all your radiators from the upstairs down as the air rises to be sure that there's no air in the system, so the radiators can work efficiently. And that's how you drain thermostatic radiator valves. .