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How To Draw 3d Shapes

How To Draw 3d Shapes

In this video from VideoJug, visual artist and art tutor Nelson Ferreira gives a tutorial on drawing 3D shapes. He shows how to draw a 3D cube.

So, to draw 3D shapes, first, you need the outline. But the most important thing is you need somehow to get the perspective right. So when you draw a cube, don't do this.

This is a common mistake. It starts by making a diagonal. It's still correct, but then, do not do this.

Do not trace a parallel into there just because it's going to create a very odd-looking cube. So, what we have to do is something different. You have to imagine this line will carry on until it hits a point somewhere in the horizon line.

Let us draw a horizon line right there. So, this line carries on and that one should converge there as well. So, as you can see, they are not parallel, they are converging.

So, that is the first thing to get the perspective right. From that point onwards, you do exactly the same, so they must converge. So, now, you have time to erase that with our putty rubber.

Let us squeeze it so we have a fine tip. Then we can get rid of the previous odd-looking line. So, all the three lines should meet in that horizon line.

Alright. Now, after we have the cube mapped out like this, those two can be parallel, although there are many different ways of drawing cubes. After we have the cube, it's crucial to understand where the light comes from.

So let's make it from the top left corner. And you're aiming to get at least 3 different shades in the cube. So, of example, that side is going to be a little bit darker, so we do have some kind of shading.

And that side, let's make it much darker. So, the way we shade is also going to help create perspective. And that is how you draw 3D shapes. .