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How To Draw A Alien

How To Draw A Alien

This instructional video is a lesson in drawing. A graphic designer and illustrator gives a detailed step-by-step set of instructions on how to draw an alien.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to draw an alien. First, I'll start with a circle for the head, then a triangle for the chin, to form the shape of the chin. Then, I'll create a funny, weird, alien-shaped head.

Next, I'll draw a line for the shoulders, two circles at the end of the shoulders for the shoulder bone. Next, I'll be drawing a box for the torso. Now, I'm going to draw a circle for the waist, a triangle for the pelvis, two long lines for the legs, another two long lines for the arms, a circle for the elbows and a circle for the hands.

For the legs, two circles on both of the legs for the knees. And at the bottom of the lines, two circles for the feet. Next, I'll be drawing in cylinders to form the muscles for the alien, triangles for the feet, triangles for the hands.

Now, I'm going to draw in the neck, the shoulder, going around the joints and cylinders to create a form for the alien. My alien's going to be skinny, so I'll be making it really skinny so you can see the rib cage. Now, I'm going to do the face.

So, a line for the middle, vertically and horizontally, now, I'll be placing the eyes to create an alien look, two dots for the nose and a mouth below the nose. Draw in the little details like the ribs and place in the fingers. Mine's going to have three.

And that's how you draw an alien. .