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How To Draw A Baby Rabbit

How To Draw A Baby Rabbit

In this video, professional illustrator Lyn Stone demonstrates how to draw an incredibly cute baby rabbit in easy steps so anyone can follow.

I'll be going to start with the rabbit. So, we need an oval shape, maybe about so big, it's not a perfect oval, it's slightly flatter towards the top. And then, we're going to overlap that with a much bigger oval shape about here.

And we're just going to do those bits, little bit too big, right, okay. And then, we have a shape here, like so, and another shape here, like so, and a shape at the back, like this. Okay, next, we need to do the ears, and think stretched egg as a shape, so it's a kind of very strange-looking egg shape that goes along with the top.

And then, the same for the other side, but make it a little bit narrower like so. The nose is about here, so draw across and down, like so, and the eye, you want the eye quite large, because it's a baby, about that big. A little corner there and a little corner there, and what I do with all eyes actually is I'll draw a section like this which I'm going to keep white, and then I shade in, around, and that gives a little touch of light to the eye.

We then have dots here, for the whiskers, we can start adding a few whiskers to our rabbit and a kind of, almost like an eyebrow around the top here, and some shading in here. At this stage, you can actually get rid of some of the original guides, okay, so that you can see more clearly what you're doing. And then, the inside of the ear, it kind of is joined at the bottom and then it fans out and comes to the top, fans out, comes to the top.

And I'm going to add just a slight hairiness to it. Okay, now, we now look at the front. We place this here just as a guide to start with for the foot so we can draw the foot, over the top, we can add the claws.

Again, we want to make this edge fluffy, like so, and then we'll take the original guideline out, we need to keep this guideline in actually because this is going to be the back of the bunny's head. And that's roughly how to draw a baby bunny rabbit. .