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How To Draw A Building

How To Draw A Building

Struggling to teach your kids on how to draw a building, here is a video for them to learn in an easy way. Follow this video and draw a beautiful building.

In this video, I am going to show you how to draw a building. I will be using a ruler to draw a square; this will be the frame for the drawing. Now, I am going to draw a horizontal line across the base.

Next - 3 rectangles along the base of the building. Next, I will be adding triangles to the building for the roof, a rectangle on top of the roof, for the chimney and two smaller ones on top of the chimney crest. Next, I will be adding the door and the window; the window should be levelled with the door, two more at the top of the house, one for the kitchen.

Next, I will be adding a garage door; next, I will be adding the window soles. I will be adding a window on top of the roof for the kitchen. Now, for the further details, I will be adding curtains for the windows, there will be one person down here to hover.

And for extra details, I am going to add the sunflowers and the garden path welcome to the door. That's how you draw the building. .