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How To Draw A Bulldog

How To Draw A Bulldog

How To Draw A Bulldog : Drawing is an enjoyable skill which both adults and children can enjoy. Every drawing starts from simple shapes. In this video tutorial, we can see that how easily we can draw a bull dog.

Hi, I am Laura from Creative Drawing Studio in London. We have art classes for children and adults. We believe that drawing is an enjoyable skill that any one can learn.

So why not give it a go and see what happens? Now we are going to draw bull dog and we will start with bull dog's nose and the area of your paper is about here. And it's the circle, it's a little flat on the top and rounded and pointed at the bottom with curvy lines in the middle and two dots like this, and curvy line like this go little mountain. Then we go above the nose and draw a curvy line around which will join up the sides and some bit out of it more and that's for that jelly like shape that the bull dog has.

Next will place in the little chins here with the curvy line. Let's move up above this part for the eye. Let's put oval circle eye here and on the inside a dot with little highlight and let's go on this side.

Here another circle for this eye and let's put a dot with the highlight for that eye. And let's give little wrinkly eye lid and next we will draw the side of the head coming out of the eye over here. Just bring it up with the curvy line and that gives us the place to place the ear which is folded over.

Straight line, comes changes direction to the top and comes back down about there and bring it over to about here just about the eye lid's spot and this will extend out for another ear about there. Top of this ear, which will come down, fold over and open like that. Now we can put the back of bull dog's head, curvy line right into it.

Now we will start bull dog's body. Down, around and we add another curvy line here. Now we place this back leg here starting up near the face, come down and go around with the paw and from the point come back up to about there and few curvy lines for the paw.

The other leg will be on this side, want to come from other side put little guide dot here. We can start the front of leg here come out for this paw curve around to a point right there from the point come up and curve in. And let's put in few more curvy lines in the front.

Before we draw back leg, we do little bit of the bull dog back. So go back to this ear and come down with the curvy line just about here and then go back to this leg jump over this curvy line and come up about there. Come here, change direction like that and these curvy lines are more toward the front.

We are not seeing its tail it got, tail is hidden and this is our bull dog. .