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How To Draw A Bunny

How To Draw A Bunny

Ever wanted to learn how to draw without spending a ton of money on it? Let this video from the Creative Art Studio in London show you a simple way of drawing a rabbit.

Hi, I'm Laura from Creative Drawing Studio in London. We offer art classes for children and adults. We believe that drawing is an enjoyable skill that anyone can learn, so why not give it a go, and see what happens.

Let's draw a rabbit, and we'll start with the big eye on the rabbit, but the shape of the rabbit, it's about this big on our page, with the head here. First we get an idea of how it's going to fit on the page. Then we can start with our eye, which they do have big, brown eyes, so draw a circle.

Fill it in and you can leave a highlight, and around it, you can put curvy line there, curvy line there. Now, we're going to draw the top of the head, which comes around the top of the eye and out, to the nose, and then tuck there. You can darken that.

And, we'll draw a little straight line at the end for the nose, and bend up like that. Right under this point, draw a curvy line for the front of the head, and then you can do a little few dots where the whiskers go. Underneath, let's draw a chin, that goes back towards the body.

To start the ear, the ear tilts back just a bit. You can draw them as long as you like. And then once you like the size and the length of the ear, come up, then back, it's a rounded point, change direction, back and in.

And you'll need to draw a shape like that, of the ear that's turning out. Behind this ear, you can see a bit of the other ear. Start here at the corner, come out like that.

Make sure you like the size of your rabbit. It does dip down and come out again. And we will come in for the body there, so you can lightly indicate that with pencil, and then drag it around your bunny's shape, there.

So we'll need to bring this around a bit more and add a bend for the long foot, there. Come around for the paw, up toward the body. Come back down, and now, place in this part of the leg.

We can join this up here and add the little feet in the front, so one will be here, and one will be behind it. Go a little bit more in front here. That's your little bunny feet.

Let's not forget the tail, which comes out from the back, like that. There you have your bunny rabbit.