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How To Draw A Cartoon Dog

How To Draw A Cartoon Dog

VideoJug and Stephen Marchant, a cartoonist from London's Cartoon Museum, show you how to draw a cartoon dog. Create your cheeky pup the VideoJug way, with these simple cartoon tips.

Step 1: Rough outline

Start with an oval for his head. Overlap another oval for your dog's snout. Next, mark out his body. Like all good cartoon dogs, this one stands on his hind legs. Mark out his arms and his floppy ears. Check your pencil outline before you carry on.

Step 2: Details

First up, give your dog a nose and a snout with a cheeky grin. Mark out 2 little eyes just above it and then blacken his nose. Give him a tuft of hair and furry eyebrows. Ears next and now onto his body. Go over the outline. Give him arms and put a tasty bone in his hand. Draw his legs with strong paw-like feet. A little tail, a furry belly and a smart collar complete your cartoon dog… woof!