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How To Draw A Cartoon Duck

How To Draw A Cartoon Duck

In this video the Cartoonist, Mik Brown, is showing the viewers how to draw a cartoon duck. He is showing hes techniques and explaining why he draws the ducks the way he does. He states that exaggerating a person or animals physical features can make it look a lot more funnier / more cartoon looking. In about 3 minutes hes finished a Cartoon Duck from scratch.

Hi my names Mik, Mik brown @miko-cartoon.com. I'm a cartoonist and am going to show you how to draw some cartoons.

Lets have fun. And now I am going to show you how to draw a cartoon duck. All right nice and neat, vary style a bit, that happens so we could do a conventional cartoon duck.

Again, can you see that everything is clearly rounded, so follow the line through until you end up what you think is a nice comfortable line, he's got a tail and just put some, 3 feathers on the tail, and little touches like that, and this ones going to have some weight, some weight so they could swim in the water, its again rounded more cartoony (cartoon looking). I use photographs so that I could really see what the animal or the person I am drawing really looks like and that helps a lot. Although you're not drawing a realistic animal, it's suppose to be realistic and you're drawing it as accurately as possible.

There it is again, feathers and again finishing off I do often change quite a lot, change positions. When the lines jawing like that, I tend to put little lines that help the line blend in rather than just sticking it. Just add a few lines there finish off the feathers and again and again.

See we don't have to draw lots and lots of feathers trying to make it nice a big again really out of proportion just so it makes it look funny, well I think it looks funny. Move the eyes down now a few light touches and add a wing which probably would be a good idea so he could fly. Standing in the water and that's how to draw a cartoon duck.