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How To Draw A Cartoon Frog

How To Draw A Cartoon Frog

Stephen Marchant, cartoonist at London's Cartoon Museum, shows VideoJug users how to draw a cartoon frog. Make you frogs come to life on the page, with this great cartoon drawing guide.

Step 1: Rough Outline

Begin by drawing a wide rugby shaped head and join this onto a squat body. Now draw some long legs and web-like feet for jumping around. Then draw some small little arms. Check your pencil outline before you carry on.

Step 2: Details

On top of his wide head, draw a big circle for his eye and then another eye. Next give your fat little frog a big smile. Now go over your rough outline and give him tiny little forearms. Draw him a big belly because it's full of flies. Go over his long legs and give him some long froggy toes. Give him a small tongue to finish.

There you go - a cartoon frog.