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How To Draw A Cartoon Girl

How To Draw A Cartoon Girl

How to draw a cartoon girl with seasoned artist Mik Brown. If you follow his step by step instruction, you will have a cute drawing of a cartoon girl in minutes.

Hi. My name is Mik, Mik Brown at miko-cartoon.com.

I'm a cartoonist and I am going to show you how to draw some cartoons and have some fun. Now I am going to show you how to draw a cartoon girl. Right, you sort of sketch out the proportions first because starting off with a blank piece of paper is extremely difficult.

To get the center of the page draw a couple lines across, I will rub them out of course afterwards. I give it at least couple of pencil lines, it doesn't really matter, it gives me a position roughly for the center. Somehow or other it's just nice to have some pencil lines on there because it is scary starting off with a white piece of paper without pencil lines, anyway that is a thought.

I am making it up as I go along. I am getting some hair in there. Make it nice and cute.

Nothing wrong with cute, cute is good. I always tend to put my pen in my mouth and talk, it doesn't work. Here I am putting her legs on.

We put down the basic shape. Now we are going with my darker pencil it's not quite round and its not quite square. Add eyelashes, the nose, and eyebrows, again it is to finish off the shape of the face.

That seems to be working I think. We'll put a teddy bear in there. Add eyes.

I always like to put that shine on the eyes. There you go. Then give the cheeks a bit of a shade.

And there you have a cartoon girl.