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How To Draw A Cartoon Monkey

How To Draw A Cartoon Monkey

Draw your own cartoon cheeky monkey with VideoJug and Cartoonist Stephen Marchant's advice. At the Cartoon Museum in London, we will show you how to make the perfect cartoon monkey, with these easy steps.

Step 1: Rough outline

Do everything with a pencil first so you can rub it out if you make a mistake. We are going to use a green pen so you can see it on the page. Start with the monkey's head and give him a long body. His legs should be long too and to help him swing through the trees, his monkey arms should be even longer! Give him 2 big ears and gradually start building up your drawing so it looks more monkey like. Lastly give him a long tail. Check your pencil outline before you carry on.

Step 2: Details

Now add some details to the monkey's head. Go over his big ears and add a small tuft of hair. Draw in two eyes, two dots for the nose and a line for his big smile. Now go over those long monkey arms and legs. When drawing his toes, remember that monkey's have longer toes than we do.

There we go, a cheeky monkey.