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How To Draw A Cartoon Palace

How To Draw A Cartoon Palace

Here, cartoonist at the Cartoon Museum in London Stephen Marchant, shows you how to draw a cartoon palace. Make your cartoon palace fit for a cartoon King and Queen with VideoJug's help.

Step 1: Rough outline

So, give yourself a wide rectangle to begin with. Add on two towers either side of the main block. Finish off your outline with a domed turret on the top. . Check your pencil outline before you carry on.

Step 2: Details

Once you've got your basic shapes, you can add some other details. A flag on top of your dome and a couple of windows on your turret. Don't forget to draw medieval windows – these are long and narrow and appear like slits in the wall. Draw on some other bits and bobs such as ramparts across the top of the rectangle. Now draw a large gated entrance to the castle. Maybe a couple more windows on the main body of the palace and a lane leading to the door. If you like, add some trees and grass outside the palace.

There, a cartoon palace fit for a cartoon king and queen.