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How To Draw A Cartoon Pig

How To Draw A Cartoon Pig

Cartoonist Mik Brown of miko-cartoon.com and miko-illustration.com walks you through step by step instructions of how to draw a wonderful cartoon pig.

Hi my name is Mik, Mik Brown at miko-cartoon.com. I'm a cartoonist and I'm going to show you how to draw some cartoons.

Let's have fun. Now I'm going to show you how to draw a cartoon pig. Pigs are great fun of course.

So it's incredible with cartoons depending upon where you position things it makes a big, big difference to the whole character of the pig. It makes a huge difference. I decided to put the nose there, just about there and do little eyes up here and the ears will just flop over the front.

I'm going to bring this down a bit. I'm going to square him off a little bit you see. So I thought well, maybe he was getting too round.

So I'm going to alter those eyes. I just wanted to bring them up a little bit, not make a big difference in the movement of him but I think it makes a big difference to the character.Just I'll say again I try to draw a mouth down here or leave that mouth down there for the moment.

Add little feet, they do have little feet, pigs.I'm not sure.I'm not happy with that so I'm going to move that. It looks like a sausage oh dear I shouldn't have said that should I? All right, that's more like it.

Then the other foot there. I'm going to even this up there and shorten this body. That's better.

Now the curly tail, of course. Pigs have curly tails. Now I'm going to show you what I mean by that mouth.

So,I'm going to put the mouth there. So the position for the mouth makes a big difference so if I put the mouth here kind of thing.so either whatever you prefer. I think I prefer when it, the mouth was back here, somewhere around here, shall we say.

Tooth.whoops. I'm going to ink. I go around here rather quickly.

Ears. There. Go around this thing.

I like to vary up the line so it's not just a straight line, it just makes it a little more interesting. Nose there. Then a whole lot of it I'm going to bring higher.

That looks fine in that position.Draw the last leg. Forth and the back a bit sketchy.

Tiny feet. He's got quite a nice personality. Hairs on top.

not too heavy, bristly.

How about that? So that's how to draw a cartoon pig.