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How To Draw A Cartoon Queen

How To Draw A Cartoon Queen

Learn how to draw a truly regal cartoon queen with cartoonist Stephen Marchant, of the Cartoon Museum in London. VideoJug shows you a step by step guide to making your cartoon queen perfect.

Step 1: Rough outline

First of all draw a long head and an outline for her long, slender body. Now draw a small pair of legs and give her a royal wave. Make sure both her arms are the same length so your queen is not lopsided. Check your pencil outline before you carry on.

Step 2: Details

First things first, give her a crown fit for a queen. Under it, start drawing some old lady hair and give her a couple of small ears. Finish off her royal hair-do, then draw in a fat neck, and give her a long pointy nose. Eyes next and then some lips. Now give her some robes to wear and add some detail to her hands. Then give her a pair of shoes at the bottom.

God save the queen!