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How To Draw A Cartoon Tiger

How To Draw A Cartoon Tiger

This two-minute video will teach you how to draw an adorable tiger cartoon in a few easy steps. Impress your family and friends with your new talent!

Hi!, my name is Mick Brown, at miko-cartoon.com. I'm a cartoonist and I'm going to show you how to draw some cartoons.

Let's have fun! I'm going to show you how to draw a cartoon tiger. Alright, as with all cartoons, you always start off with circles. Circles are very, very good for cartooning.

Another different shape: this is a triangle. We're just going to put a triangle and another, longer triangle. Is that beginning to look like the shape of a tiger? Who knows? We'll see what happens.

So we've got several shapes and then we need the eyes, so just, again, two round circle of the eyes. They're not perfect circles, of course, just egg-ovals. Play around with the shape, just so you get that just right.

Now that looks a little more like a tiger! Alright, now we're going to ink it in. There we go! I know they're hairy but I'm just drawing them nice and simple so you don't have to have unnecessary lines. These box pens are nice because you can make sort of draw heavy lines for the darker areas and lighter lines for the lighter area.

There you go, just smudged. And here, around the jowls of the mouth, just a shadow from the mouth, really, not having the mouth opened. There we go! We can put a few dos and whiskers come out from these dots, how about that? A few lines, a few stripes, should I say? Tigers have stripes.

And the eyes, of course, the pupils. At this point, you're doing the pupils with a little white blob for a reflection in there. That adds a bit of life to the character.

Okay, how about that? Now he looks like a surprised tiger, which is okay. And that's how you draw a cartoon tiger.