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How To Draw A Cartoon Turtle

How To Draw A Cartoon Turtle

How to Draw a Cartoon Turtle: Experienced cartoon artist Mik Brown shows you step by step directions for drawing a fun and humorous cartoon turtle character. This simple video with teach you a skill to amuse your children and impress your friends!

Hi, my name is Mik, Mik Brown at miko-cartoon.com. I am a cartoonist and I'm going to show you hpow to draw some cartoons.

Let's have some fun. I'd like to show you how to draw a cartoon turtle. All right, let's think.

Okay. I guess it's rather more of a tortoise, I like tortoises. Guess I like turtles as well, I don't really know too many turtles.

We start off with a round shape, just generally we start off with a round shape and around and go around.make it nice and not bright. Yeah, and bring that in, ignore that line. It doesn't matter that it was there and we sort of darken it up and those line there so it will show and the feet, it's flippers I would guess you would call them, swimming in the water and this one is floating.

And everything has a fold something for making it into the actual shape like that, I guess it's like that, but you can put a little bit of a fold in, like that, like a crease if you would like, I think it makes it a little bit more interesting. Some shade and we'll keep that, why not? And some round sort of shapes on the shell. I think he has a little bit two large eyes, and a little bit sleepy in a way, I always think of turtles as a little bit sleepy, I'm probably wrong.

Now he has eyes there and he has a big smile, there is much more we can do with that line and now to ink him in, use my brush, my pen, start off with the eyes, I tend to like to start off with the eyes. Then that little line, I find it very difficult to describe, but if you do that line across and a line around and under, not join that line on to that, it looks as if, nice little shape. Yeah? Yeah I think so.

Now little shapes like that, we go onto the shell. There we go. Just break up the body a little by just putting some darker lines and thicker lines and thinner lines in and somebody thought this was a turtle swimming under water, so i think I'm going to add, a little funny, I think it's funny how I did, which is a snorkel.

Just keep the, just put the mask on, not put the snorkel on the other side of his face. Try that. Right let's have the snorkel coming around to this side and the bubbles coming out, all right a little bit different.

We don't have much more to do. I like to darken things, behind, when some things are behind add a little bit of dark, bit of shade and that's about it. That's about it, some seaweed as well.

And that's how to draw a cartoon turtle.