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How To Draw A Crocodile

How To Draw A Crocodile

How To Draw A Crocodile: Have you ever wanted to try to draw or perhaps get tips to improve your skills? This video shows you a simple effective way of drawing a crocodile that children and adults alike can follow.

Hi. I'm Laura from Creative Drawing Studio in London. We offer art classes for children and adults.

In our ten years of teaching we have seen that drawing is a skill that anyone can learn. We're going to draw a crocodile and we'll start with the eye. And the shape of the crocodile will go on the page this way, the head starting here.

And first I'll place the eye in right about here with a little circle, curvy lines around it and then a little straight line down the length of the nose. Above the eye we'll draw a bit of the skull and the head, come down around here and start the nose and change direction to about here. Now a crocodile has two large teeth on the lower jaw, so we'll draw one of those teeth here, overlapping the upper jaw.

Come down, some wavy lines, then come round the back of the mouth there. And you can put two little dots for the nose. Let's finish the bottom jaw, the curvy line, pretty skinny on the bottom, and a bit of the neck, there.

To add on to the top of the head, a bit of wrinkly skin. And now I'll start the body. Get the general shape, out, down and around like this and start the front leg here.

Before we do that lets add a few more teeth on the upper jaw and the lower jaw. This front leg here comes forward. There's some toes there, a hand and bends this way.

We'll come back from the hand, add an elbow, curve around back to that point. Then we'll place the stomach about there, which goes around to the other leg which will start from this point, bend around and come down. Come across with the foot, add some toes.

Heel of the foot come out, come straight up with the, straight line gets a little bit wider and then add the back of the leg. Now we just need to put a guide line for the tail, so it joins with the back of the body and we'll start the back of the crocodile with some bumpy crocodile skin. And you come back round and then drag a curvy line down to a point.

Now I'll come back from this leg and draw a little bit of bumpy line that way. And we'll see a bit of three dimensional shape here with our alligator tail. So first we'll come back from the point and draw some ridges along to here to show the fold and then from this part of the point, ridges coming back up to here toward the back.

A little gentle line for the under belly and now we'll put in some of the alligator, the crocodiles skin, which it's famous for, just by showing some texture there. And there you have your crocodile. .