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How To Draw A Deer

How To Draw A Deer

See how to draw a deer by using a few simple guidelines. Apply these guidelines to all your drawings to improve your skills as an aspiring illustrator!

I'm going to show you how to draw a deer, and we're going to make it quite dynamic. We're going to do a running deer. So, first of all, we need to draw a circle.

And against that, well, I'm not really sure what this shape is, really, but this is what you need to draw. Okay, next, we need to draw a shape that will eventually become the head. Okay, like so, I need to bring that in a wee bit, it's little bit too wide at bottom.

Okay, the next shape we need to draw, we need to create a guideline that comes down here, which will disappear in the final image. Then, we draw across from that a shape like this, then a shape like this, then this, and then coming down like this. Next, we need to draw a triangle within that shape, but first of all, I'm going to just link those two.

Now, I'm going to draw a triangle within that shape. So, using this original line, we draw up, then we draw across. Keep it quite pale, these are really just guidelines at the moment.

Then, we need to draw across here and then I'm going to put a line in there, which will make more sense in a moment. Okay, now, we need to concentrate on shaping the head a little bit more. If you can maybe get a photograph of a deer in profile, you can then get the shape of the head really accurate, rather than rely on your imagination, and the back of the neck dips in, and that will become the shoulder blades at the top just there, and now, we need to come down and we're going to create the first leg.

This is the chest cavity here. Now, we're going to work on the back leg. Now, we need to do the legs behind, of course.

So we've got this part of the triangle we're going to use, like so. The base of the triangle, and we're going to see just a little bit of the back of that hoof and then the other leg, okay, so you would see that much of it. It would come down, like so, and the hoof there.

Now, I've made this bit a bit too long. I can see that now, but that's not a problem. I can just come in with it, like so, to draw the back.

So, you can start to see the basic shape now. Then we can add a bit more detailing. We can certainly add the eye and the ear.

And we're going to make this a male deer. I'm now drawing in the antlers, because this is going to be a male deer. I also think it's more recognizable as a deer if you do one with antlers to be honest.

That's how we all think of a deer, as having antlers. A bit of an indication of the coat and the tail, this is kind of diamond shaped, really. Now, we can rub out all those original guidelines and let's give it a few speed lines.

There you are - a running deer. .