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How To Draw A Dove

How To Draw A Dove

Just about anyone can create beautiful artwork under the right direction. For example, even you can draw a peaceful dove by carefully following the steps in this instructional video.

Hi, I'm Laura from Creative Drawing Studio in London. We offer art classes for children and adults. In our ten years of teaching, we have seen that drawing is a skill that anyone can learn.

We are going to draw a dove and we will start with the eye which is a little dot. We will place that somewhere on our paper over here. All you need to do is draw a little dot about that big.

Next, we will draw a curvy line for the back of the beak. In between, we will put a straight line for the beak. From the point, come back.

Next, we will draw the top of the head which is a curvy line. It will go straight up, around, and back. The wing is going to be opened, so from about this point, we will draw a curved line in a sweeping motion like that.

And we will come back around to about here. So you can put a guideline if you would like this way. And draw feathers toward the back of the body.

Next, we will start the tail which is a curvy line that comes out and down. Now, we will come around for the shape of the tail. You can draw a guideline that looks like that.

And then, before we add the feathers on the tail, let's come in with a straight line for the other side of the tail. Now, this is going to join up to the back of the beak on the bottom. So we can lightly put a shape in that we like for the body.

And then, go over it harder with pencil. And at this point, we can put in the feathers for the tail which are curvy lines one behind each other like this. Then, we can show a bit of structure on the wing there.

And now, we will place the back wing. We will start by the head, here, and come up and point out. And again, we will draw feathers coming down in that shape and stop behind the wing there.

And let's put in an olive branch in its mouth. Stop, jump over, continue. And there is our dove.