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How To Draw A Dragon Step By Step

How To Draw A Dragon Step By Step

Have you ever wondered how dragons are drawn? The process of drawing a dragon begins easily enough as several circles. Then the horns, the head, the tail, and the feet are more precisely defined after the base circles have been created. You cannot forget the final touches, such as the scales and background scenery.

I am Mick, Mick Brown from Miko-Illustration.com and Miko-Cartoon.com.

And now, I am going to show how to draw a few animals. Let's get drawing. And now, I am going to show you how to draw a dragon.

We'll do this a stage at a time. And we'll start with ovals and circles and something I am not actually used to doing because I tend to sort of build up a character, but I think it would be useful for you if we started off with circles. A circle here and a long oval here, and this is for the nose, so draw another oval here and another circle there, and there's a circle behind the dragon's nostrils if you like, and a couple of circles here for the eyes, drawing this sort of one circle behind the other.

I think we have a couple of horns coming out here, so let's just draw that shape. I would like him or her to have a long, long neck and attached to the long neck, let's attach a long, nice round body, another circle. Now add a bit of width to that line down there.

Just draw some; give the idea of scales on the dragon. And do some extra pencil lines like that, it gives a bit of extra movement to the character and makes the character look like it's moving. Again, let's give the idea of the scale; put a few clouds here and a mountain.

There, and that's how we draw a dragon, step by step. .