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How To Draw A Duck

How To Draw A Duck

oin Laura from Creative Drawing Studio in London for this simple tutorial on drawing a duck swimming through tall grasses.

Hi, I'm Laura from Creative Drawing Studio in London. We offer art classes for children and adults. We believe that drawing is an enjoyable skill that anyone can learn, so why not give it a go and see what happens? Let's start with the eye, which will be about here on your page, and we'll draw the inside of the eye, which is a little dot like this, you can leave a little highlight if you like, and let's draw a circle around that eye, like this.

And from the eye, we'll draw the back of the beak, starting here, the curvy line coming out. And let's now draw the inside of the beak, from about here to here, we're going to draw a curvy line that goes out, and from the point we'll come back to the top of the beak and now we'll place in the bottom of the beak here and end up there. Let's continue from the back of the beak, the curvy line about to there, and now go to the top of the back of the beak here and draw the top of the head which goes up and over and past the back.

So we can kind of eyeball it first, and then drag your pencil around behind here for the back of the neck. Let's now place in some rings for the neck, curvy lines. You can put little marks like that, and now we're going to place in from here a bit of a guideline for the wing, and then come around at the bottom of the wing, drag it around like that.

And let's go back to the front and draw the front of the duck with a curvy line that follows it down a bit further here. And if we put curvy lines like this, we can get the back tail. And let's put in some water, like this, just little waves; the duck is swimming, and maybe you can put some tall grasses in front, and the back, and there you have your duck!.