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How To Draw A Face

How To Draw A Face

Professional artist shows VideoJug users how to draw a basic face. Taking you through every aspect of the face, this video is perfect for budding artists wanting to know how to draw a face.

Step 1: You will need

  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Ruler

Step 2: Outline

Heads are never circular, they are oval shaped, the same as an egg. So sketch an oval outline that tapers down at the bottom.

Step 3: Dividing Lines

The easiest way to start is to use dividing lines to map out the proportions of the face. Firstly, draw a line down the centre of the oval. Then cut the oval in half again, this time horizontally.

Step 4: Nose

Divide the lower half again with another horizontal line. The point at which this crosses the vertical line is where you should begin to draw the base of the nose. Sketch out the base of the nose and a nostril either side.

Step 5: The Mouth

Divide the bottom quarter in half again. The bottom of the lips will rest on the dividing line you have just drawn. Draw a line for where the lips meet and then draw the top lip. Now fill in the bottom of the lip.

Step 6: Eyes

Now draw two big circular balls to make out the eyes across the central horizontal line. These will form the eye sockets. The top of this circle is where the eyebrow is and at the bottom is where the cheek bone sits.

Draw the eyeball floating in the centre of the socket. You then need to work on the shape of the eyes. Eyes are almond shaped, so bear this in mind as you sketch them. As a rule of thumb, the distance between the two eyes is the width of another eye.

The colour in the centre of the eyeball is called the iris. Inside the iris, draw the pupil which is the darkest bit of the eye. Fill most of it in black and leave a little white. With your pencil flat, use a bit of shading for the base. Now rub out the guidelines below the eye.

Next draw the top of the eyelid over the top of the almond. The base of the eyelid comes down over the top of the iris and covers the top of it slightly.

Step 7: Shading under the Eyes

Now add a little shading underneath the eye and where the eye meets the nose to define the socket.

Step 8: The Ears

The base of the ear should be drawn in line with the bottom of the nose and the top of the ear in line with the eyebrows. Remember, ears should be flat against the side of the head.

Step 9: The Hair

Make sure that you draw the hair from the parting outwards.

Step 10: The Neck

Necks are thicker than you imagine. Draw two lines coming down from roughly where the bottom horizontal line meets the edges of the face.

Step 11: Details

Add a bit of shading under the nose and accentuate the chin and expression lines around the mouth. Then outline the ridge of the nose.

Step 12: Clean Up

Use a rubber to remove any guidelines.