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How To Draw A Koi Fish

How To Draw A Koi Fish

How To Draw A Koi Fish: If you have ever wanted to draw well and impress your friends or children this is the video for you. This shows you step by step how to create a beautiful drawing of a Koi fish.

Hi, I'm Laura from Creative Drawing Studio in London. We offer art classes for children and adults. We believe that drawing is an enjoyable skill that anyone can learn.

So why not give it a go and see what happens. We're going to draw a Koi fish that's going to be swimming down our page like this. So I'm going to just put a line of that there and we'll start with the eye which is a dot and around the dot we'll put a circle.

Under the eye we're going to draw another curvy line that's going to come around and turn into the gill of the fish and from here we'll come around and draw the nose, the front of the fish, which gets a bit square and bends around like that. Now we'll draw the top edge of the fishes head, starting inside this line, coming around, coming up to about here. And you can double up the inside of the front of the head like that and you can add a curvy line here.

Before we finish the back of the fish, we'll add the top fin, like that, with a curvy line going in. And we'll add the bottom fin here, curving around and back in like that. And now we want to get the motion like this to join up the tail.

So we'll bend around up to a point and then we'll join up the other side of the fin up to here. This fish has got some different dimensions on it, so the tail's actually bent around the other side. So that bit of the tail here and overlap that bit of the tail there and then you can draw some ridges in the tail.

There. You can add another fin on the bottom here and you can add some ridges on this tail here and you can add some on the top here. And then you can put in some lovely colors on your fish.

Some bright colored markers. And there you have your Koi fish. .