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How To Draw A Lily

How To Draw A Lily

Simbie Yau teaches you the art of drawing flowers. Learn how to draw a lily with Japanese brush pens. Watch the flower come to life as you begin with a rough pencil outline and add details such as stamens and freckles.

Hi, I'm Simbie Yau. I'm an illustrator. I graduated from the University of Lincoln.

Today, I'm just going to be showing you how to draw objects. Now, I'm going to demonstrate how to draw flowers. And one of the flowers I have decided to draw is a lily.

I'm just going to simply do a rough guideline. What I'll do is, I'll do the base of the flower first. And then the petals.

I'm just using a rough guideline of where the petals will be. I find that lilies are quite cool to draw, really, because they can be unpredictable and you can be very creative about the way the shapes of the petals can lie, really. You can add to it or leave it.

I'm just going to show you how I would generally do it. This will be a general stem. So that's just a rough guideline.

How I'm going to be drawing this is using one of these Japanese pens. It's a brush pen, and this one is just a sepia one. You can get one of these from general art stores, really.

They're one of my favorite things to use because you can use them quite effectively with thick line strokes to thin strokes in one line, really. So I'll try to demonstrate this to you and why they're quite fun to use. So a thick line to thin, thick.

Just play around with it, to thin. Just use little squiggles, it's quite nice. And that's just one petal, so you go around.

You can ignore the pencil line, it's just a rough guideline. Use your own initiative to how natural the petals can be. If it helps you, you can have a lily in front of you and you can see how the petals lie.

To create a thick line, just press against the paper a little, and then less pressure as you make a thin line. The best thing about these pens is you can make such a thin line it almost disappears. And you can practice this a few times.

The best thing about drawing a lily is you can just keep drawing them, and you probably can be quite inventive about it. You probably will be able to create some very interesting shapes. So here we go.

Press along and release. Just create the base. So I'll just be adding a little bit more detail in the lily and I'll be drawing the stamen.

You can add as little or as many as you want, just be quite creative at it. And I'll just draw the stem. The stem will be a much thicker line.

And what I would do to add a bit more detail is draw the freckles of the lily. You will often find from the center outwards there are a little bit of freckles. From the center, they'll be a little bit bigger and as you go out they're a little bit smaller.

Just place them anywhere, really, just be very creative about it. Add them everywhere else. They don't have to be dots, they can be just general small shapes.

Different shapes and sizes. And again, you can add as many or as little as you want. I find this can be quite effective.

So this is how you draw a flower, in this case, a lily. .