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How To Draw A Man's Body

How To Draw A Man's Body

VideoJug presents a video on how to draw a man's body. Professional artist takes you through this logical step by step guide to drawing a man's body properly.

Step 1: You will need

  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • Ruler

Step 2: Make a scale

When we think of a human body, we generally imagine it as larger than it actually is. But if you divide it up, you would actually find that a head will fit into it eight times.

So first of all to help you draw the body, draw a line down the left hand side of the page, and divide it into eight.

Step 3: Draw guidelines

Next draw 8 horizontal guidelines across the page, using a ruler if necessary. You now have 8 sections on the page.

If you look at the finished drawing, you will see that each guideline correlates to a different point on the body.

Step 4: Head

Firstly begin with the head. Heads are never circular, they are always oval shaped, like an egg. So carefully draw the head between the first two guidelines in the first section, allowing the chin to rest on the second line down.

Step 5: Neck and Shoulders

Remember, the head is a heavy weight, so make sure you give it a thick enough neck. Sketch a line each side of the head for the neck and allow the line to curve into the shoulders. The curve of the shoulders should begin about halfway down the next section. Sketch out the collar bone across the middle.

Use the third guideline as a marker for the nipples. Sculpt the pectoral muscles around the them.

Step 6: Torso

Now sketch an inverted triangle from the shoulders down to the top of the crotch. This will give you an idea of the proportions of a man's body.

The fourth guideline is where the belly button is located. Sketch out the left hand arm so you can mark out the torso. Draw a line on both sides straight downwards to just underneath the fourth guideline. Then sketch a curved line between the two to mark out the belly. Now mark out the belly button on the fourth guideline in the centre of the body.

Step 7: Hips

The hips should come out from the torso, and the thighs should be drawn downwards. The fifth guideline will fall about halfway down the thighs.

Step 8: Legs

As you draw the legs, the sixth guideline denotes the bottom of the knee. So carefully draw the kneecap to rest on this line. Use seventh guideline as the location of the shins.

Step 9: Feet

Try and make the feet rest on the bottom guideline.

Step 10: Arms

Now draw the arms down either side of the body. The inside of the elbow will be in line with the belly button on the fourth guideline, and the fingertips will rest by the thighs, roughly on the fifth guideline.

Step 11: Proportions

Lastly check the proportions. You should be able to sketch a inverted triangle from the shoulders down to the navel.