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How To Draw A Panda

How To Draw A Panda

Drawing is a skill anyone can learn with guidance and practice. In this video an artist will show you easy steps for drawing a panda including tips for shading and which drawing utensils to use.

Hi I'm Laura from Creative Drawing Studio in London. We offer art classes for children and adults. In our ten years of teaching we have seen that drawing is a skill that anyone can learn.

Now we are going to draw a Panda, and I'll use a pencil to get the main drawing done, but you'll need a thick and thin black marker so you can put in the panda's markings. First we are going to start with the eyes, and the eyes compared to the rest of the body are really small. So let's start somewhere around here and do a little dot for an eye there with a circle around it and then go across to here, and draw another little dot with a circle around it.

Now we'll draw the panda ears which are rounded, and one's placed in here like that, and we'll place the other one in in a minute but first we'll draw the outside of the head. So we'll continue along this ear, come around, drag it around to the side of the head there. And we'll come around and around, drag it around there.

That's panda shaped head. I'm going to adjust my ear and make it a little bit bigger here, like this. And on this side I'll add the other ear just a bit on the side and roundish like that.

Ok you can always adjust it later and we'll be coloring these in black because a panda's ears are black. And that's our panda face, and now we're going to draw the arms. So lets start one arm about here, and right on the side here, we're going to come in with a curvy line and then out past the head about here, for the upper part of the arm.

And we'll place in little, little claws like this. Let's put in four of those, little tear drop shapes. And come around for the underneath of the paw and the arm with the curvy line that bends around, and a bit thicker in the back and lets join it up to the side of the head.

That's one panda arm, and this arm will be folded over the other arm which we'll start the inside of that arm right here from the paw with a curvy line that stops to the face. And we'll jump over and continue that paw here and let's put in a few claws there. The under part of the paw will then go on this side.

And that's going to bend around an elbow and be joined up at the face there. So let's draw in this part of the arm up to the face. And we're going to have our panda hold some bamboo in a minute, but before we do that we're going to just draw the body and have him sitting down.

So lets go back somewhere under the elbow here and just draw a section of the back of this panda, like this. And then we'll come up with a curvy line around, which will be another section of black in a minute. You're going to see the bottom of this panda's foot because the panda is sitting down.

So we'll come for the side of the leg and we'll leave room for this foot, which is a shape like this with a circle. And at the top are five toes which we can draw in little circles in a row, this way, with little claws coming up. And maybe there's a ball of the foot there.

Lets come in here for the other leg and lets draw a section that will be colored in black here like this, and you can put a little joining piece in there. And let's come out for the bottom of this leg, a little curvy line. And we're going to leave room for a foot here and we'll try and make it the same size as this foot, best we can.

So we'll put the start of this foot here, bend it around, go back to check the other foot to see the size. And leave room for the little circles for the little toes and some more claws, little pointy lines, and the ball of that foot. And now we're ready to put in the bamboo which we can place in, in sections, because bamboo grows in sections.

And it's got these long leaves here. like that, just a couple. Now we're going to pick out the black and first I'll use my thin pen which is a sharpie Pen and put the black in around the eyes.

Once you've outlined your sections you can fill it in with your thick pen and you can fill it however freely you like, and just have f