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How To Draw A Professional Looking Nose

How To Draw A Professional Looking Nose

Useful tips on drawing a nose exactly the way you see it.

Hi. My name is Paul Regan. I teach at the Insight School of Art in North London, and I am going to show you some drawing excercises that you might like to try.

I am going to show you how to draw a nose using shading. First of all, you need to put it out using a line. I am going to go from the eyes' sockets downside like that, so that I know exactly where the bridge of the nose is and where I need to put the end of the nose.

I am then going to use a line not too dark and not pressing too hard just to show where the edges of the nose are, just going to have a little line there just to remember where the center of the nose is to be and then I have got to shape. I am going to draw very carefully, drawing what I really see not what I think I see and that suggests where the nostrils fit in there. If I was looking from a different direction from lower down or from higher up, the shape of the nostrils would be different.

Once I have got the shape of the nose in, I can start using tone. Once I am going to start with the eye socket, it is very dark in here and as it comes down, it gets a little bit lighter, going across the side of the face, round the side of the nose where it is darker here using a four B pencil so I get some really nice darks and then very dark under the nostrils here, if I need to change any other shape so I can do that as I am going along and then comes down the front of the face with downwards shading there, and it gets lighter as it comes across, dark in that nostril there. Remember, I can make changes if I need to, round like that and change that a little bit there, and that coming in there, and then it gets slightly lighter as it comes across, and as it goes to nearly halfway across the nose, it really starts to get light.

So I am coming across, round the bottom is darker and then all this is light, much lighter and then almost white, and then it gets slightly darker as it comes downside. I can even use shading this direction to show it is going down the side of the nose, I am just putting in contacts again by putting this line I can see there, light under here and then very dark under there. So once again, it's very important to just draw what you see, where you see it gets darker, shade it darker, where you see it gets lighter, shade it lighter.

And that is how I make a drawing of a nose using shading.