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How To Draw A Snake

How To Draw A Snake

This VideoJug video teaches you how to draw a snake. Learn how to easily illustrate a coiled snake with red and green coloration.

Hi. I'm Laura from Creative Drawing Studio in London. We offer art classes for children and adults.

In our 10 years of teaching, we have seen that drawing is a skill that everyone can learn. Let's draw a snake. First, we'll draw a snake's head, which, if you put a little circle here, that will be the guide for the main part of the head.

And you can put a little, small circle here, which we'll go back to later. From this circle, we're going to draw the inside of the neck. We'll draw from the top of the circle, the other part of the neck.

We'll follow it around, double it up, come around, follow the loop, and stop up there. Now we want to draw another ring of this snake. It's in a coil, so we'll draw a curvy line which comes around, and bends around like this.

And let's show a little bit of the tail peeking out, which bends up like this. It gets a little bit narrower toward the tail. And let's give the snake some rattles, they're squashed little circles, like this.

To finish the head, we come around, skim the top of this circle, like this, join it up. And we can erase, now, these circles here, and put a straight line for the mouth, a very serious, straight mouth. A little eye like this.

And how about a forked tongue. And now we can take, with our different colored pens, some markings. If we come and follow around the inside there.

The back of the head, if you like. And straight lines, which follow the inside of the coil. And there you have your snake.