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How To Draw A Spider Web

How To Draw A Spider Web

This video gives you clear cut, step by step instructions for drawing a very beautiful and realistic-looking spider web. Children ages five and up would love this, but adults will have fun with it too!

Hi, I'm Simbie Yau. I'm an illustrator, graduated from University of Lincoln. Today I'm just going to be showing you how to draw objects.

Now we are going to draw a spider's web. I will be demonstrating how you can do this quite simply, starting from the center using a pencil. I'll just make several lines, they don't have to be straight, they can be slightly curved.

For the spider's web, you generally would use, you could apply this on trees and along fences, branches and flowers and things. So my tip would be to not make any of the lines symmetrical and make it curve in certain places. And if you use a black pen, these lines will be a rough guideline how you want the shape.

I'm going to use a thick pen and draw out all these lines. When you're drawing lines, I would use my entire arm. So you know, try and create the lines as natural as you can.

So for the detail, I'll be adding the links between the main lines and I'm going to be working round, you want to just work your way around. So starting from the center, I'll be adding these curved lines in between. The idea of this is to spiral outwards like so and you're just drawing round in a clockwise motion and curving the lines between the main web lines.

You can add as little or as many lines as you want. You can have them further apart or close as you can. And just making your way outwards.

My tip would be to make the web a little bit further apart as you go towards the edge. You can leave the spider web like this, small, or you could continue to make it a more of a dynamic spider web. It's up to you really, it depends how you want the spider web.

I mean if you want to just make a small one, you can have these lines a lot shorter. Today I'm just going to be showing you a large spider web. Like so.

What I would generally do to add more detail is add dewdrops or anything like that. So you just use the same fine liner and just add dewdrops by hand using various small sizes of dots. So, you know just dotting them here and there.

And it can look quite effective once you go round with them. So just making them large in places and small in places and they can look quite nice. If you're going for an ugly spider web, then leave them out but I like to use them to make them look pretty.

Spider webs tend to look pretty. I mean if you want you could use white pencil on a black background, you don't have to use black fineliner, you can use white crayon or white fineliner pens, I have one of them here, just a gel pen, they can look quite effective, or chalk, anything really. So this is how you draw a spider web.