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How To Draw A Strong Man

How To Draw A Strong Man

VideoJug provides a simple and easy-to-follow video tutorial on how to draw a manga character. The video illustrates the step by step procedure for beginners and expert illustrators alike.

Hi. I'm Kyle. I'm an illustrator and I'm going to take you through some tips on drawing manga and chibi.

Alright, I'm going to show you how to draw manga in your own unique style and to help do that I am going to show you another popular style from Japanese manga which is more of a tough character from more gritty sort of manga. So we just are going to start out. There's a dividing line.

Now as you would just generally take in a line here for the manga face, these characters tend to actually have a lot more definition along the jawline. Got a bit wonky there. Think about where the jawline meets on a human face.

Then you have the cheek line here and back here. Taking off with that around this there. Okay, so we are going to just start marking out where the neck is.

Broad, quite broad, this requires mostly tough character. It seems to be a lot more gritty and realistic. Things like the Akira film and comic, that sort of style of drawing.

I'm just going to draw a dividing line across there. Now that's the eye line and where the center of the ear is going to be. I'm just going to mark in where the eyes are going to be there.

So you're actually going to think about the shape of a more realistic eye. Just going to mark in the lower side of the brow would be. Now that comes in there.

And that's where the eyebrow comes in. I've made him kind of a stern face or heavy brow, actually, let's bring those in. Okay, I've given him a nasty sort of snare.

Quite tight lipped there. A little line there is just showing where the philtrum meets the top lip. Think about how the lips seem to wrap around, rather than just being a flat, 2D object.

So I'm just going to think about where the hairline is and think about where the crown is parting. This guy's got -I'm going to give him overall- just spikes. A real punkie looking guy.

Think about broad shapes rather than just each individual follicle. And there you have your tough guy character. .