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How To Draw A Tulip

How To Draw A Tulip

How to draw a Tulip: Have you ever had an interest in art? The best way to start anything is begin at the basics. This VideoJug film will show you how to make a tulip, something good to start off with.

Hi, I'm Simbie Yau. I'm an illustrator, graduated from University of Lincoln. Today I'm just going to be showing you how to draw objects.

I am going to now demonstrate how to draw a tulip. I'm going to use a pencil to draw a rough guideline of a tulip. So if you draw a simple ellipse and maybe another one here, I'm just going to draw a couple.

Then you just place the petals like so and just draw kind of a leaf-shape within the tulip. Then use the guideline of the ellipse around and then maybe add a little more detail in the middle. The second one, maybe I'll use the petals to open out a little bit, then the first one curves within the tulip, that looks a bit more natural.

And so the third petal in the center. And then just draw a guideline of where the stems would meet with the flower. That will be enough guideline and then I'm going to be using pen to draw this out in a little more detail.

You can add a few more curves over all the petals with a line and just a straight curve, like that. Let that meet at the base. The second tulip.

To apply colors I would use watercolors with the pencil line just as a rough guideline and then use these pens to draw directly over them after when it dries. This is a general basic shape, you can add a few more leaves, just a few leaves to finish the flower. And then the stem, just curve the stem a little.

Then more leaves and the same applies to the stem. Just play around with the shapes really. That's how I draw a tulip.