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How To Draw A Turkey

How To Draw A Turkey

Learn how to draw a cartoon turkey in this step-by-step VideoJug guide. Impress your friends and families with funny cartoon turkey drawings in Thanksgiving or Christmas cards!

I'm going to show you how to draw a turkey. This one is going to be the cartoon style. So, we should start with the circle.

This is going to represent the head, and from the circle, you just do a little sort of line down, two lines down, at an angle. They're going to be the neck, and join then to those, a big oval shape for the body, a nice big fat body as we get ready for Christmas. Now, for the feathers that come out of the back, you can basically do those in just sort of a pattern like that and we can just fill in the detail in a minute.

So, you basically got your outline of the turkey's body, head and feathers. Now, we're going to do the eyes. In the circle, you do for the head, do a couple of ovals and you've got your turkey eyes.

Just put the pupils in the middle and they're done. Now, you're going to come out for the beak. So, off of the second eye that you drew, you come out for the beak and you're going to come back in with a smiley face.

He doesn't know Christmas is coming. So once you've drawn that, then you come down and join it onto the neck and you put a little bump there which is his Adam's apple, and as you come back up on this side, you come out, and going within the circle that you've drawn - it doesn't really matter if you're not quite straight - you come up and you're going to do two bumps above the eyes, like that. Then you do the bit here hanging from the beak, the bit that hangs down, like so.

Just darken it up a bit and you've got the turkey's face. When you come down onto the neck, where it joins the body, if you round it off like that and you put the feathery bits, which these are just sort of drawn like that, it looks almost like a feathery collar for the turkey there. Just darken the body a bit and we're going to put the wing in.

For the wing, it's nice and easy, you just come out with a curved line like that and you just come up and in three or four times, it doesn't really matter, all the same shape, just like basically fingers, and we're going to do the other wing shown from the other side. But you're only going to see part of it because the body is there, and we'll just do an extra part on there, like that. When you come to the tail feathers, you've already got your basic shape here, so all you need to do is just draw some lines coming in towards the body, they're coming around like that, and you just need to, as you go along the top, just come inwards slightly, put little V's to separate the feathers like so.

All we've got left to do now is the legs, which are going to be very thin. So, you do two little bumps on the bottom of the body like so, that's the top of the leg, and you're going to do two lines down like that and two legs down like this. This turkey's going to be a bit bow-legged.

As you come out for the feet, if you just do three lines like that, and on the other side, you do three lines like that, that will give you a guide for filling in the toes. So, if you come out onto this one and come in for the next one, out and in, out and in, that's one foot done. Out and in, out and in, out and in, you've got the other foot done.

Now, you have just basically thickened those lines up - you have got a turkey. .