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How To Draw Angel Wings

How To Draw Angel Wings

How To Draw An Angel Wing: An illustrator demonstrates her technique to draw an angel wing using varying thicknesses of pen and pencil.

Hi I'm Simbie Yau, I'm an illustrator. I graduated from University of Lincoln. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw objects.

So now, I'm going to demonstrate how to draw angel wings. General angel's wings will be a very basic shape, similar to this. So there'll be, they're quite long at the base.

There they flick out at the edge. I'm using pencil right now to use as a general guide, before I draw this out in pen. I'm just drawing lightly so you know where everything lies on the page.

The way I use pencil, it's not the definite pencil line. You can completely change it when you over it in pen. It just depends how you feel.

So that will be the second lot of feathers. The third set of feathers will be generally on the length of the wings and they'll go right down to the base. So they'll be a lot longer and they'll go down to the tip.

I'm going to be drawing this over with pen now, starting with thick pen on the base of the wing. Using thin and thick pens creates a bit more texture within the drawing. I'll be drawing it using a thinner pen.

With these wings, you could perhaps just experiment with the shapes of the wings with how you prefer on any object that you'd want to put it on. This is just my interpretation of how I could draw a wing for angels. You can add more feathers or less feathers, add more detail by using a thinner pen perhaps, and by drawing the individual strands of a feather.

So I'm starting on the second part of the wing, just adding the detail for the medium size feathers. Going to the tip and adding a point to the tip of each feather. These second set of feathers generally go to the side as well.

You can just play around with the shapes really. So that's the second set. The third set, you go down to the base again.

So this is how you draw an angel wing. .