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How To Draw Anime Bodies

How To Draw Anime Bodies

Anime artists! All you worried on drawing anime and manga bodies are no more with this short video describing the steps and various tips in drawing short and fat and tall and thin anime characters.

Hi my name is Laura Watton. My website is pickapplejam.com, I am the co-founder of SweatDrop Studios.

I have been illustrating in manga-style for almost six years. All right this is how to draw a manga style body. I am going to draw a very roughly, a fat person, a thin person and a very tall person and a short person.

So okay, as you can see in this very simple silhouette. This person is a bit chubby, a round body, obviously we do not have to draw him or her exactly as that wide as a circle so if we give this person a slightly more human shape. Like so, make the head a bit better, bigger rather.

Put a little bit more proportion. This character is going to be quite cartoon-y. Obviously not very realistic but kind of emphasizing the shape the person is.

All right I imagine that's where this person's felt will go. I'm going to make this person into a chap. So, he quite actually likes his hamburgers.

I'll go into detail more and in just a second. Here are his ears, as you can see there is the crossover together with the ears. Up here exactly equal to each other.

Not one up here that would be a bit weird. The shoulders I'm going to do it here and here. It's going to develop these shapes into arms.

And he's also got chubby little fingers. If he was a thin person, I wouldn't draw him chubby fingers I would draw quite slim fingers but I'll come back to this chap in a minute. Okay, his trousers they are quite baggy.

I think if you look in chap's trouser for bigger people, they kind of have streamline the character. I don't think they come around and then be quite high here. They kind of drop down here from the waist down to the feet.

So lots of creases I think to note. That drop in fabric. I'm going to draw some shoes on this chap.

Okay, so there's a proportions of a bigger person. If you're drawing a comic about team members you want each member to look a bit different in silhouette. Then again you could have a thin person.

So as you can see I have drawn these very rough shapes. I'll start to flush them out a little bit. These shoulders would come out a little bit.

You might want to draw some loose creases as this character is quite tall. Okay, I think on that page there we have it. Short and tall and fat and thin characters.